Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cruising The Roof of the World (Photos Part 1)

Date : 02-14 May 2011
Location : Central Tibet
Riding Date : 4-13 May 2011 on a CJ750 (Chang Jiang 750)
Bike Facts : CJ750 is a replica of Russian Ural, which in turn is a replica of German BMW R71 with sidecar. designed in 1938, 750cc with 24 or 32hp engine.
Tour Operator :

Trip Itinerary :
- Lhasa - Nagatze - Gyantze - Shigatze - Tingri - Mt.Qoomolangma Base Camp - Sakya - Shigatze - Lhasa

Trip Highlight to remember or to forget :
- Puke 5 times from Lhasa airport to Lhasa
- First 2 days of acclimatization, total loss of appetite and nausea and more vomits
- Experience spring/autumn weather, winter/snow and summer heat in within 3 hours!
- Elevation plot : 3600 - 5200m
- Temperature : 0 - 26C
- Failed to ascend to Mt.Qoomolangma Base Camp by bike (It's a 70 years old bike and it's not mine.. so it's not my call to abort!) , took a sleepy mini bus instead.. a downer yes! then again.. it means I have a good reason to return to accomplishment the pimple mission!
- Tashi delek Tibet!.. You know I'll be back

more pics to come, and video too!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vietnam Ride 2011 [Trailer]

Just return from my 6 days trip (4-9 Feb 2011) from Saigon, round the Central Highlands and back. I've gigabytes of videos and photos to sort out. But before that, here's the trailer done for fun with iMovie of some part of the tour. Tour video will be posted when ready.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Vietnam Central Highland Ride 2011

I'm half way of my tour ride. so now I'll be only posting the preview.
full report and video will follow up when I'm back.

a picture speaks a thousand words...

to be continue...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Walking Shanghai

Walking around Shanghai in winter time. Filmed in January 2011 with Sony NEX-5, 35mm CCTV lens. Made with Mac & iMovie.