Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cruising The Roof of the World (Photos Part 1)

Date : 02-14 May 2011
Location : Central Tibet
Riding Date : 4-13 May 2011 on a CJ750 (Chang Jiang 750)
Bike Facts : CJ750 is a replica of Russian Ural, which in turn is a replica of German BMW R71 with sidecar. designed in 1938, 750cc with 24 or 32hp engine.
Tour Operator :

Trip Itinerary :
- Lhasa - Nagatze - Gyantze - Shigatze - Tingri - Mt.Qoomolangma Base Camp - Sakya - Shigatze - Lhasa

Trip Highlight to remember or to forget :
- Puke 5 times from Lhasa airport to Lhasa
- First 2 days of acclimatization, total loss of appetite and nausea and more vomits
- Experience spring/autumn weather, winter/snow and summer heat in within 3 hours!
- Elevation plot : 3600 - 5200m
- Temperature : 0 - 26C
- Failed to ascend to Mt.Qoomolangma Base Camp by bike (It's a 70 years old bike and it's not mine.. so it's not my call to abort!) , took a sleepy mini bus instead.. a downer yes! then again.. it means I have a good reason to return to accomplishment the pimple mission!
- Tashi delek Tibet!.. You know I'll be back

more pics to come, and video too!

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