Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time for a riding trip ?

Well.. while I'll wait for my riding theory test date.
it seems like my time to ride in China is still quite a long wait.
perhaps I could keep my enthusiasm by planning for a riding trip.

October have the longest holiday here in China. and last year I wasted a full 3 weeks in Singapore doing nothing but waiting for friends who are working during the day.
Well, I did have a good ride for 1 day in Johore.

This year, this will not happen again.

Browsing through the net I found many tours that I'm interested in.
mainly in Borneo and Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia region.
at least it's on my way down back to Singapore.
Yes, I will not be taking a direct flight but stopover at least 1 destination.

so far I found the is relatively easier ride tour for me.
I've ridden off-road before, but don't consider myself experience enough.
as much a I'm interested in riding from Thailand border to Cambodia to see the Angkor Wat.
maybe I should get myself more riding hours before I make that rough trip.

Let's see...

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