Monday, September 13, 2010

Diving into the sunken city

Finally I accomplished one of my mission - diving in Qiandao Lake (千岛湖).
I first learn about this dive when I first came to Shanghai, and in desperate search for diving trip, and this is one so excite me.

It will not only be diving in a freshwater lake, and also into a sunken city, Lion City. coincidentally the same sanskrit name for Singapore.

The trip was operated by Big-Blue (

With water temperature at the bottom at 10-12°C. A dry or semi-dry suit is required.
But we are given 2x 3mm wet suit which works fairly well.
I wore a single diving glove and my hands go numb at the bottom.

It's a very challenging dive and definitely not a fun dive.
The visibility was bad and it is worst than night diving I did in Pulau Aur in Malaysia.
But it's definitely worth the experience, one that I will never forget.

Especially where I have to abandon dive for the first time in my last and 3rd dive.

More on this maybe on my next post, when I can find the time.

For this trip I tested a new underwater goggle camera for this trip. Liquid Image HD320.

and here's the video...

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